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06 May 2015
hip hop

Hip hop music 's been around for 30 years now, and during this time there have been many artists to create amazing songs. Yet, some of those songs have stuck in our heads and still make people get up and dance and sing along when we hear these people. We salute anyone who has given us musical expertise so remarkable to generate us melt whenever we hear their song.

The top 8 hip hop songs ever tend to be (in no specific order):

1. 'It would be a good Day' -Ice Cube

Through the beat to the words of the tune this is that feel happy song that quickly relieves all of the anxiety of the day. We can all relate with the song, with no matter how many times it is played it is still in which sound you bob your head to.

2. 'Children's Story' -Slick Rick

You can't mention hip hop without discussing Slick Rick, one of the best performers in this style. This song features that flowing defeat and lyrics that get stuck in your mind whenever. Anyone who knows rap knows this jam.
newest hip hop songs
Several. 'Juicy' -Biggie Smalls

This song started out a new era in rap music as it is the song that made Big Poppa precisely what he still is around the globe today, even 10+ many years after he ended up being shot to death. Juicy said it was all a dream which song provided creativity and feel good feelings to every single person who listened to it.

Some. 'Straight Outta Compton' -NWA

Straight Outta Compton is one of the most popular hip hop songs of all periods. It is also responsible for free Coast gangster gangster rap movement that transformed the lives of various individuals. Straight Outta Compton details the life from the streets of a single of the state's largest cities with hard core rapper Eazy-E on the words of the tune.

5. 'Rapper's Delight' - The particular Sugar Hill Company

Hip hop, hippty hop... He has been rapping to the beat merely trying to move your feet. Most people know every single expression to this classic tune. This was one of the globe's first introductions on the musical genre, plus an impressive one that it absolutely was.

6. 'Push It' -Salt N- Pepa

Released in 1986, Push It was a hit for the trio of rappers. This can be a sassy joint that will made it to dance chart and still today rocks the body and the celebration.

7. 'Hypnotize' -Biggie Smalls

The famous rapper tops the very best 10 list yet again with this song, hitting number one just one 7 days after the rappers demise. This quick-witted, funny track with the quirky overcome feels good to listen to. It also started an eruption of love, tears and celebration of life from Biggie's funeral on his way to be put to rest on the pavement of Brooklyn.

8. 'Hard Topple Life' -Jay Z

Jay-Z is a music god, as he demonstrated back in 1998 using Hard Knock Lifestyle, a song sampling Annie inside the chorus. Jay raps with regards to living that hard knock life, a real tune that most of us thinks at some level.

Rap music is part of us, a part of our own soul. There are thousands of incredible songs out there in this genre, with musical talent from around the world. There's nothing quite like hip hop tunes when the sounds struck you.

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